We're On A Mission

We’re on a mission to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the information, connections, software, tools, services, and products that are needed to start, grow, and manage a successful business.

The Why

In 2007, Filthy Rich Idea started as, well, an idea! Like many entrepreneurs, we understand that starting a company for the first time is overwhelming and confusing. From knowing which vendor to use to getting your marketing tactics right, IT IS NOT EASY!  In fact, it can be a nightmare. 

You need good quality, seamless integrations, easy usability and cohesiveness. We uderstand. We exist to shake up the entrepreneurial and tech industry and make business development an easier, more enjoyable process. 

Giving customers what they had been searching for — a truly collaborative and seamless business software platform is our goal. A platform where customers and businesses can form real connections — was the motivation behind Filthy Richi Idea!


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