Website Translation

Grow your business worldwide – Translate and localize your store in minutes

Increase revenues and boost growth by translating and localizing your entire website quickly and with no headaches. Welcome your visitors in their native language to reduce bounce rate, increase time on site, and boost conversions.

  • No coding needed. Our user-friendly Visual Editor can translate text, images, buttons, popups, and more
  • Instant global reach. Enter new markets in minutes for more visitors, engagement, and sales
  • Translation choice. Free auto-translate, use your own translation, or easily hire one of our professional translation partners

Bablic’s translation is 100% SEO-friendly to increase your exposure and visibility in all the local search engines. No headaches, and a free dedicated support team – which is why thousands of customers worldwide trust us with their website’s translation.

What makes Bablic Translation different?

  • Visual Editor gives you an instant preview of your site, allows you to fix styling/CSS issues, then go live in a click
  • Localized images and videos for a stunning experience
  • Optimal SEO with translated URLs, custom URL structure, and meta tags translation
  • Automatic language detection
  • Fully customizable language selector to fit your website’s look and feel
  • Easy content import/export to/from common file formats
  • Full right-to-left support (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)

What else can you expect from Bablic Translation?

  • Free consultation & support. Our dedicated localization experts will assist you in the process, so you’re never alone.
  • Cost savings, uncompromised quality. Start with machine translation, then manually improve it to save costs. Otherwise, access Bablic’s network of professional translators (also used by industry leaders such as Google, IBM, and Expedia).
  • Collaboration. Give colleagues and employees limited or full access to your site’s Bablic dashboard.

Bablic utilizes server-side language translation technology which transmits website content to their servers located in the U.S. to ensure proper and efficient translation of a website and its content.

Please visit the Bablic Terms & Conditions, section “Materials Submitted Through the Platform”, for more information about this service.



Entry-level multilingual site

**Requires Website Builder


Capture a global audience

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No more boundaries for your business

**Requires Website Builder

** Add-on to Website Builder.

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