Cookie, Data and Privacy Compliance for GDPR and more.

Usercentrics Consent Management Platform

Compliance & Marketing in Harmony

Enable your website and businesses to obtain and document consent in accordance with data protection regulations, directly on the website. This enables site visitors to opt-in first before any tracking scripts or code are loaded. Users get granular control and visibility into which trackers are loaded.

Usercentrics Meets All Requirements for a CMP

Seamless Integration

Usercentrics is deeply integrated with the website to ensure you’re always in compliance. They will regularly scan the website for new trackers and update automatically.

Collect Consents in Accordance With the Law

Reach safety by being compliant to all legal requirements (GDPR, ECJ, following the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework).

No Loss of Data

Continue to use your own conversion tracking and analytics tools without fear of not complying with privacy regulations.

Get Consent for All of Your Technologies

Usercentrics is compatible with all your favorite marketing tools from Analytics, A/B Testing and Tracking to Retargeting, and more.

Why You Should Start Using a CMP

Protect Your Advertising Revenue

No consent equals significant restrictions for your digital marketing and a drop in your advertising revenue.

  • Benefit from new privacy KPIs.
  • Turn privacy into a competitive advantage.
  • Optimize your opt-in rates.

Minimize Your Legal Risk

Stay on the safe side with a CMP that can easily be adapted to your legal strategy and to the current legal situation.

  • Privacy breaches are visible to everyone at all times.
  • Protect yourself from warnings and hefty fines and spare yourself any hassle with the authorities.

Boost Your Users’ Trust

Win your users’ trust with professional transparent consent management and get ahead of the competition.


Basic plan with limited features.

**Requires Website Builder


Extended CMP Functionalities.

**Requires Website Builder

** Add-on to Website Builder.

My clients need online stores and the Filthy Rich Idea's platform makes it really easy to design, great flexibility and easy to use!

Andrea G.

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