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The name of the website, if different from your company on the previous page. For example, if this website is for a sub-brand or product, enter the name of it here.

A tagline is something that customers will remember you for. For example, our company name is Filthy Rich Idea and our tagline is "Dare Yourself!".

If someone told you about us, please enter their name here.

Your domain name is the actual URL e.g.

If you don't own a domain yet, enter the one you want here.

Service A - Dish Washing - $39/1 hour, $49/2 hours, $60/3.5 hours Product B - Dish Soap - $1.29 per bottle

e.g. professional, fun - for site design - for employee portal - for help center - for course sales

e.g. how old are they? Male or female? Where do they live? Do they run a business? How big are those businesses? Do they have a family?

What is their (not your) main goal? Is there a secondary goal? Examples: Research, to buy a product, read news, download something, find out how to contact you

How much is the initial sale usually worth? If you don't know, write "I don't know" This information helps us determine the value that needs to be communicated in the website and design.

How much is a client worth to you over the time they work with you? If you don't know, write "I don't know".

This is your goal. Examples: Call you, send you an email, book a time, buy something

e.g. Sign up to a newsletter, send you an email

What's in your head... what do you want the website to do? Let loose here!

If you don't know what you want, don't stress too much. Typical examples would be Home, Services, About, Contact, Resources

Please ensure that your answer meets the following requirements: File size must be less than 20MB.

Please ensure that your answer meets the following requirements: File size mus.t be less than 20MB

Don't hold back. We want to know it all so that we can make this a good experience for everyone.

What is your additional spend per page?



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Running a business is challenging especially when there are so many aspects to your business. Filthy Rich Idea knows how to do just that and more to ensure you are a success!

Andrew P.

Founder, Stinger Brush