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As a business, you know that to succeed you must gain new customers. In the past, that was done with costly prints ads and uncertain word-of-mouth referrals. Nowadays, potential customers are searching on the internet. We help business owners like you make their brands stand out on the internet and acquire new customers.

PPC Advertising

Discover the benefits of using PPC marketing to achieve measurable and quantifiable outcomes in a short amount of time and gain more visibility on the internet.

Social Media Advertisement

Be sure to maximize your company's presence on social media platforms, where your customers are likely to be spending the most time.

Digital Billboards & Omnichannel Campaigns

Deliver brand-building, sales-driving media at everyday consumer touchpoints with access to 500K+ nationwide screens and 20B+ weekly impressions at grocery stores, medical offices, gyms, bars and more.

Video Marketing

Get noticed with a high-quality video ad that fits your budget. Use videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.

Let Us Work For You

Why Filthy Rich Idea?

Industry Specific

We can market for all brands including saas products, explainer videos, and product/service promotions.

Maximized Benefits

We ensure all clients benefit from our ability to test, learn, and deploy best practices at scale.

Creative Performance

We specialize in developing campaigns that generate positive results, no matter your target objective: increased recognition, product promotion, or elevated conversion rates.

Core Business Objectives

We'll begin by examining your most important goals and objectives and form a plan based on those.

Lead Generation

Using a call to action can be an effective way to generate leads for your business. How does this work? When you include a call to action on your webpage, it encourages visitors to take action by providing some sort of contact information – whether it's to sign up for an appointment, download an eBook, or request more information about your business.

Good lead management is key to the success of any business, and having a call to action on your webpage has the potential to bring in the leads necessary to take your venture to the next level.

Capitalize On Your Data

It's not simply the quantity of data you have that's important, but how you make use of it. With expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we're able to identify what data is relevant and what is irrelevant, so that we can use the pertinent information to increase your profits.

Get More Customers

Get More Eyes On Your Brand

Creating Art From Insights and Data

Ad-Hoc Strategic POV’s

Ad-hoc strategic POV’s can help to focus the conversation on relevant and actionable points, set a timeline for action, and identify strategy opportunities. This allows for an adaptive approach to strategic decision making as situations evolve.

Digital Go-To-Market Strategy

We offer a comprehensive plan for launching your business’s products or services online. This includes consulting services to identify the most effective channels and tactics for reaching the desired audience.

We will then create a customized digital marketing plan that includes website and search engine optimization, content marketing, advertising campaigns, and social media management. Also include are data analytics and reporting tools to measure and monitor progress.

Exclusive Data Access & Audience Insight

Indentify top-indexing screens using exclusive data, location intelligence and thousands of audience and behavioral demographics.

30/60/90 Strategic Roadmap

The strategic roadmap will look at the current and prior state of the business’s online presence and provide a detailed overview of any existing marketing strategies that are already in place.

Messaging Strategy

We work with you in researching and understanding you brand's objectives and target audience, analyzing existing communications, and developing a strategic plan for integrating and utilizing various media channels to communicate information to your target audience.

These channels include modern digital platforms like social media and email campaigns. The goal is to create messages that will effectively reach, engage, and influence the target audience. This could include developing brand-specific messaging and selecting appropriate images and language to convey the desired message.

Programmatic Ad Deployment

Reach audiences at contextually relevant moments like store proximity, weather conditions and time of day.

Persona Development

We will create an in-depth profile of your target consumer including their demographics, goals, needs, pain points, buying behavior, and insight into your consumer’s communication preferences and engagement with different channels.

Website Strategy

We analyze current online presence, identifying objectives and opportunities for improving website performance, and developing effective strategies and tactics to reach your desired goals.

This offer may include website assessments, benchmarking, competitor analysis, keyword and content research, website architecture assessments, conversion optimization, website optimization, UX evaluations, and more. The end goal of this strategy allows us to drive higher website engagement, boost visibility and organic traffic, and improve conversion rates.

Measurable Return On Investment

Measure impact on return on ad spend, attributable sales, foot traffic analysis and brand awareness.

Generate Profits

We assess the efficacy of your marketing by analyzing its influence on profit and revenue, not exclusively relying on marketing metrics, thus creating scope for both short-term victories and long-term success.

We create campaigns that:

Achieve successful outcomes, address certain marketing challenges, and can reach your target audience.

Client Works

We will go above and beyond to provide our clients with the type of ads that they need!