In 2022, Filthy Rich Ideas was commissioned by a prestigious property investment and management company to provide Business Planning, as well as a financial and market analysis to support its annual strategic planning process. 


Once a year, our client reviews its 10-year strategic plan, revising it based on such factors as:

The client’s plan is then reviewed by management, followed by the executive team, before ultimately being approved by the board.

The Challenge

In previous years, our client has engaged different companies to provide:

As a result, the data and advice that our client received during the planning phase and later during the presentations risked being internally inconsistent both year-to-year and throughout the annual process. The client has identified that this inconsistency could confuse decision-making and potentially undermine the confidence of their stakeholders in the planning process.

In order to ensure that the data, advice, and presentations our client receives are internally consistent, yeartoyear and throughout the annual process, our client has decided to engage Filthy Rich Idea on an ongoing basis to provide data, modelling, and both the discussion with the executive team and the final presentation to the board.

The Solution

We implemented Business Planning, as well as a financial and market analysis to maintain consistency in the components of their strategic planning process. They selected FRI because:

The Result

The client was able to streamline their strategic planning process and will not have to worry about inconsistencies that come with using changing servicers.