Our client is a small business owner with limited time and resources to handle the complex issues involved in setting up and running their business. Between raising 3 children and one of the partner’s still working part-time elsewhere, setting up their drycleaning business was difficult. The client was looking for an affordable and timeefficient solution to get the necessary help for their business.



The challenge for our client was that setting up their business through a lawyer was both expensive and timeconsuming. They were looking for an affordable and convenient solution that would help them navigate the legal technicalities involved in setting up and running their drycleaning business. 


The client decided to use Filthy Rich Idea to resolve their business formation issues. 


The use of Filthy Rich Idea resulted in a significant cost savings for the client. The client was able to save money by using Filthy Rich Ideas online business formation services, as opposed to paying for expensive legal consultations and document preparation services. Additionally, using Filthy Rich Idea saved the client precious time, as they were able to access the services and information they needed quickly and easily. The client was also able to take advantage of Filthy Rich Idea’s Executive Assistant service which automatically files documents for your business throughout the year.