For years, Kimberly’s food preparation business had been struggling to manage their customer leads especially after Covid-19 hit. Without a way to systematically contact and communicate with prospective customers, her business had been missing out on a lot of potential sales.

That all changed when they adopted Filthy Rich Idea‘s CRM technology, Agilis.


Agilis is a business management CRM software which helps a business to manage their customer information, track customer interactions, manage customer service or support inquiries, and analyze customer data for improving their operations and business strategies. The CRM software makes customer relationship management easier and more streamlined for businesses, enabling them to effectively manage and nurture key customer relationships, helping them to increase sales, generate more leads, and improve customer satisfaction.


With this integrated platform, Kimberly’s food preparation business was able to streamline their customer lead management process. They built a website with our userfriendly website builder and was able to create contact forms that automatically delivered customer inquiries directly to their customer relationship management system. This made it easy for their team to quickly respond to customer requests and convert them into sales.

In addition, they leveraged the CRM to track customer information, including their order history and preferences. This enabled Kimberly to provide a tailored customer experience, which resulted in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In addition to improved customer service, the integrated platform also allowed the Kimberly’s team to keep track of their inventory levels and manage their ordering process with ease. This enabled them to increase their efficiency and reduce waste, resulting in a significant costsavings.

Since adopting Filthy Rich Idea‘s website builder and CRM, Kimberly’s food preparation business has seen their customer inquiries increase by 12 percent and their customer retention rate increase by 17 percent. They have also been able to reduce their operating expenses and improve their workflow, allowing them to focus on what matters most: making delicious food!