CASE STUDY: Improved Operations and Growth: Benefits of Utilizing Business Formation Services

Our client is a small business owner with limited time and resources to handle the complex legal issues involved in setting up and running their business. Between raising 3 children and one of the partner’s still working part-time elsewhere, setting up their drycleaning business was difficult. The client was looking for an affordable and time-efficient solution to get the necessary legal help for their business. Read about how they were able to overcome their challenges.

CASE STUDY: Dreams Come True: How Filthy Rich Idea Helped A Family Start a Successful Restaurant

Our clients, Miguel and his wife, Liana, and his brother, Joshua, had a dream to open a restaurant and make their mark on their community in Southern Florida. The trio had been successful in other business endeavors, but this was their first restaurant venture, and they were unsure of where to begin the planning and preparation. The three turned to Filthy Rich Idea for business formation, startup funding, and business management. After consulting with the team at Filthy Rich Idea, they discovered some of the main challenges they would face in starting a restaurant.