Let’s You See Your Current Status On 12 Critical Points That Are Key To Your Business Success

The #12 key element of your business success assessment is the Funding Range Report.

This report provides insight into the 25 top underwriting approval guidelines of business lenders as it pertains to the business owner’s personal credit.

The Funding Range Report tool allows you to run a completely free soft credit pull without entering any credit card information and without creating any credit inquiry on your reports. 

It will show you how to leverage your personal credit to your company’s best advantage. It is going to show you where your company stands for multiple business funding programs and how much you expect to receive from each. 

Business lending is not like personal lending. In business lending it matters greatly who and where you apply and in what order you apply.

This is where your Funding Range Report becomes very important to the strategy of applying for business funding. This will also minimize your credit inquiries and maximize your business funding.

The big danger is if you shop around and have multiple business lenders pull your credit. Again business lending is not like personal lending. With just 4 hard inquiries in any 90 day period and further business lending may not be possible. You will have to wait at least six months for those hard inquiries to age before you could try again.

With the Funding Range Report you will have only the completely free soft credit pull, no hard credit inquiries, you will know exactly where you stand, and have an excellent idea of how much you can be approved for right now. Typical funding is between $25k to $250k.