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Close my domain or email account

Closing your Filthy Rich Idea account will permanently delete all associated information.
Warning: Account closures can’t be reversed. Once we delete your data and information, there’s no way to retrieve it.

  1. Before closing your account, you must first delete all products associated with your account. Wait at least 24 hours before continuing to the next step.
  2. When it’s been more than 24 hours, go to your Filthy Rich Idea Contact Preferences page. You might be prompted to sign in.
  3. Under Account, select Edit.
  4. Next to I understand this action cannot be undone, select the checkbox.
    • At this point, we’ll remind you to delete all products in your account if you haven’t already. You must then wait at least 24 hours before continuing to close your account.
  5. Select Close Account. You’ll see a success message confirming your account is closed.

 Note: To the extent necessary based on legitimate purposes to fulfill our corporate obligations, such as those necessary for record-keeping and other legal purposes, certain data may be retained in accordance with our document retention policies.

More info

  • If you have more than one Filthy Rich Idea account, you have the option to merge accounts.
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