In the face of the macroeconomic and global uncertainties of 2023, tech companies must find ways to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and boost their revenues. Additionally, they must strive to remain innovative and build a solid footing for future success. With the pandemic pushing many into the future, organizations will need to examine their supply chains, workforce, and innovation practices to ensure they are well-positioned to thrive in the years ahead.

In the coming year, tech companies will face the challenge of leading through macroeconomic uncertainty, navigating global uncertainties, transforming other industries through technology, and adapting to new regulations. To increase efficiency and revenues, Csuites may need to make adjustments to business processes, rely more heavily on automation, modernize legacy architectures, and consider strategic M&A. With heightened global risks, tech leaders should think strategically about partners, locations, and production. Additionally, they will look to digital advancements to support innovation and transformation in other industries, while also making sure their systems are resilient. Finally, new regulations will require updates to management software tools to provide realtime visibility and grant access to data.

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