When you do not choose a Final Action Request* for a piece of mail, it is stored at the Operator’s facility. After the free storage period (normally 30 days, please check your plan’s allowances) has expired, you will start to incur storage fees.

*How do I stop being charged?

Scanning does NOT end storage fees. You still have to tell your Operator what to do with the scanned mail items to stop incurring storage fees.

If you have picked up your Mail and it was not marked as Picked Up contact your Mail Center Operator to have this corrected.

Familiarize yourself with the Mail folders on your dashboard to know more on how to manage mail and prevent any unwanted fees. 

If you still need assistance, you can reach us at the following channels;

Call us – 1-888-369-4332

Live Chat – https://filthyrichidea.com/

Email: mailbox@filthyrichidea.com