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Enhance your employee life cycle with our Payroll and HR solutions. Get 3 months FREE of Employee Training with Payroll & HR.

HR & Payroll

A solution that handles everything from direct deposits to employee management.

Applicant Tracking System

Hire your dream team with approachable and adaptable hiring software.

Employee Training

Empower your team with the tools and skills they need to do their best work.

Your Employee Life Cycle In A Single Solution

Our human capital management solution is designed to help you attract, hire, manage and retain top-quality talent for your diverse workforce, with the tools your company needs to not only make work easier and more productive, but also to deliver a great and enjoyable employee experience.

From talent development, corporate training, and employee engagement to performance management, leadership succession and labor law compliance, Filthy Rich Idea will help you manage your team.

Train Your Employees The Right Way

Develop your team’s ability to communicate like experts on your company’s products and services as well as culture and values. Our corporate training allows you to offer courses and webinars to your staff. Hand pick from thousands of topics or build your own with our course builder.

Recruit With Confidence

Our one-and-done job postings make it easy to attract the best applicants on the most popular job sites.

Easily add job listings and notifications to your online properties. Find top local talent through referrals, your social network or your unique applicant pool.

FRI's Unified Platform for Your Entire Workforce

HR and payroll is a big job all by itself – but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a big job for you as a business owner. Our online hr and payroll software is easy to set up, fast to learn, and runs from your computer or smartphone in minutes. See how Filthy Rich Idea can bring your entire employee life cycle into a single solution.


Human Resources

Filthy Rich Idea understands that one size does not fit all. Today’s employers must balance skyrocketing health care costs, changing compliance mandates and evolving HR administration with the changing needs and demands of employees that are both generationally and geographically diverse. Our software will allow you to take control of your workforce efficiently and provide your team with benefits like 401K and insurance. Additional features include:

DOCUMENT STORAGE - Store important documents such as employee reviews, photos, notices, and handbooks.
EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING - Welcome new hires and eliminate manual processes.
DEVELOP & MANAGE - Establish key performance indicators (KPI).
EMPLOYEE PORTAL - Employee portal for easy self serve tasks.
TIME & LABOR MANAGEMENT - Timekeeping and single sign-on integration.
PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT - Live customer support on all HR issues including FMLA, discrimination, termination, and hiring.
DASHBOARD & REPORTS - Instant insight for informed decision making.
MOBILE APP - Give your employees the power to track their hours and timekeeping information.

Time & Attendance

Manage your workforce by allowing employees to clock-in using a proximity card, swipe card, key fob, tablet, mobile device, computer, or fingerprint. Schedules can be created, modified and communicated in real-time ensuring compliance as you track, analyze, control overtime, reduce errors and optimize profits.

Manage your workforce by allowing employees to clock-in using a proximity card, swipe card, key fob, tablet, mobile device, computer, or fingerprint. Schedules can be created, modified and communicated in real-time ensuring compliance as you track, analyze, control overtime, reduce errors and optimize profits.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE - Easily manage exceptions. Enforce work and pay rules.

MANAGER APPROVALS - Easily set role-based security.

SCHEDULING - Create, modify, and communicate scheduling needs in real time.

COMPANY IN/OUT SOLUTIONS - Monitor employee breaks, location, and activity.

JOB COSTING - Allows clients to track hours and/or pay to a certain job number enabling your clients to receive reports and know the costs associated with a job.

GPS TIMEKEEPING - Monitor locations of clock-ins and outs.

DASHBOARD & REPORTS - Instant insight for informed decision making.

MOBILE APP - Give your employees the power to track their hours and timekeeping information.

Talent Management

Engage top talent and foster a positive candidate experience. Our applicant tracking system allows your company to advertise jobs, manage applicants, and hire qualified employees cost effectively.

  • ONLINE JOB POSTING - Post your job to tons of job boards in a few clicks.
  • SOURCE TALENT - Browse candidates in your applicant pool or purchase resumes.
  • BACKGROUND CHECKS - Hire the right candidate with integrated pre-employment screening and background checks.
  • PRE-EMPLOYMENT TESTING - Assess and rank potential employees in the areas scientifically proven to predict job performance.
  • TEXT TO APPLY - Applicants can receive links to open positions and career pages via SMS.

    MESSAGING - Communicating with candidates has never been easier with SMS messaging and customized email templates.

FORM BUILDER - Create a custom application form that automates the applicant prescreening process and pinpoints the most qualified candidates.

CALENDAR & SCHEDULING - Take the back-and-forth out of interview scheduling with real-time access to integrated calendars.

RESUME IMPORT - Keep all applicant info in one place, regardless of its source. Plus, virus scanning on every document upload.

ONBOARDING DOCUMENTS - Streamline onboarding by creating custom forms, offer letters and documents to send to quickly and easily onboard new hires.

APPLICANT TAGGING - Simplify sorting and filtering your candidates with our tagging system.

STAFFING & MULTISITE VERSIONS - Whether you’re an in-house or contract recruiter, HiringThing helps you manage multiple searches through a single interface.

JOB REQUISITION WORKFLOW - Take the work out of workflow with our simplified process for opening, approving and posting job requisitions.

ANALYTICS TOOLS - Identify your most effective channels and optimize your efforts with advanced data and reporting.

ACTIVITY FEED - The activity feed is an exclusive feature for staffing and a one stop place to track recruiting efforts.

BRANDING - Create customized company branded job pages.

Benefits Administration

Stay ahead of mandated benefits and increased regulation, including health insurance, workers' compensation and retirement planning.

WORKERS' COMPENSATION - Easy, pay-as-you-go workers' compensation coverage.

401(k) PLANS - Affordable and transparent retirement plans.

HEALTH INSURANCE - Affordable healthcare for small businesses.

Payroll Management

Deliver the perfect paycheck - every time. You're in complete control of your payroll or we can handle it for you.

  • PAYROLL PROCESSING - Portal to manage and pay employees.
  • EMPLOYEE ELECTRONIC ONBOARDING - Built in employee electronic onboarding with new hire workflows.
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT - Employee direct deposits and limited HSA accounts.
  • PAYCARD - Easy to set up and use prepaid debit card to fund earned wages.
  • CHECK SIGNATURE - Up to 2 signatures affixed to all checks.
  • CHECK SIGNATURE - Up to 2 signatures affixed to all checks.
  • TAX PAYMENTS/TAX FILINGS - On time payroll tax payments & accurate payroll tax reporting.
  • END CUSTOMER BILLING - Retail invoice generated with customer reports.

  • QUARTER-END PAYROLL PROCESSING - Review and process quarter-end payroll files.
  • YEAR-END PAYROLL PROCESSING - Review and process year-end payroll files.
  • TAX NOTICE RESOLUTION - Review and resolve all tax notices.
  • NEW HIRE REPORTING - Create and upload new employee data.
  • GARNISHMENT PAYMENTS - Process check or ACH for any garnishment payments.
  • GENERAL LEDGER INTERFACE - Create file for import into accounting software.
  • PRINT OUTPUT - Print checks and registers. (Delivery additional cost.)
  • W-2/1099 PRINTING - Customer print back capabilities or service bureau option.

Employee Training

We understand the importance of equipping your team with the proper training necessary to run a successful and efficient company. Whether you want your team to develop new skills or train on a new product, Filthy Rich Idea can personalize your corporate training to suit your needs.

  • DRAG & DROP COURSE BUILDER - Design training courses that enhance the skillset of your team.
  • CUSTOMIZED QUIZZING - Various question types, custom messages, question banks, and more!
  • DYNAMIC CONTENT DELIVERY - Drip-feed lessons, require videos to be viewed, linear and open progression, etc.
  • AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS - Automatically trigger e-mails based on actions learners take (or don’t take) in a course.
  • CERTIFICATES & BADGES - Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both!

  • DISCUSSION FORUMS - Encourage conversation among employees with course specific discussion forums.
  • COURSE POINTS - Award points to employees as they complete lessons and allow them to unlock new content creating a learning pathway.
  • LEADERBOARDS - Award and display employees who obtain the best scores on quizzes.
  • DETAILED REPORTING - Quickly run reports on enrollment, progress, and performance.
  • ASSIGNMENT MANAGEMENT - Approve, comment, and award points on submitted assignments.


HR & Payroll

Self Service

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$ 55 Monthly
  • HR & Payroll - $5.00 PEPM
  • Time & Labor Management ❌
  • W-2/1099 Base - $25
  • W2/1099 - $4.50 PEPM

Full Service

$ 55 Monthly
  • HR & Payroll - $11.00 PEPM
  • Time & Labor Management - $3.00 PEPM
  • W-2/1099 Base - $25
  • W2/1099 - $4.50 PEPM

Applicant Tracking System



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Frequently Asked Questions

We will need your company and employee information. If you have payroll history, we will need that too.

Yes, we can start your payroll anytime as long as you have records of your payroll history.

At year-end, we create W-2 forms for you and your employees, and we take care of filing them with the Social Security Administration.

Yes. Your employees and independent contractors can also access their paystubs securely online.

Yes. We can help you import payroll data into accounting software so that all information is in one place.

We will provide you with a variety of reports that will allow you to remain informed and in control of your payroll. You will also have access through your employer portal.

Filthy Rich Idea provides you with reliable customer support across different channels – mail, chat, mobile app and phone (scheduled as per your convenience).

With a single click, you can post job listings using your Filthy Rich Idea ATS account. Advertise your positions on Craigslist, StackOverflow, Indeed, TalentZoo, Ziprecruiter and other job boards. You can also choose to have it syndicated on free job board sites.

Once candidates fill out your application form, their resume and other key information will be added to your Filthy Rich Idea ATS account – keeping them out of your email inbox and in our easy-to-use software that helps you easily review, process and rate applicants. Additionally, we can connect to your website to ensure all your candidates apply via the same process.

Many companies source applicants directly from their website, so we understand the importance of linking your Filthy Rich Idea ATS account to your site. One way to connect your account is by embedding your dedicated Filthy Rich Idea ATS URL onto your site, upload your logo and company colors. You can also utilize our API if you have a website developer. Place your jobs anywhere on your site and attract qualified candidates. Simple!

No. Filthy Rich Idea ATS is hosted in the cloud. IT and servers are not needed to get your account up and running.

At Filthy Rich Idea, we know numbers are important for business owners. Your ATS account comes with applicant analytics which includes the following reports:

* Applicant volume and position data

* Source tracking

* Detailed breakdown of application status

* EEOC reports

Getting your Filthy Rich Idea ATS account up and running is important to us. If you have any issues or questions please let us know. We can help you with:

* Formatting job descriptions

* Uploading your logo and customizing your Filthy Rich Idea ATS account

* Connecting Filthy Rich Idea ATS to your corporate website

Yes. Training is available. We also offer full guided setup and implementation at for an additional cost. Please contact your Business Development Manager directly or [email protected] for more information or to schedule a training. For introductory training check out our new user training video.

Data security is one of our top priorities. Filthy Rich Idea is hosted in a scalable and highly secure PCI-compliant data center that has been audited under SAS70 Type II. Additionally, our application is 100% SSL encrypted for your company managers and administrators, ensuring your recruiting data is secured in transit at the same industry-standard level as credit card and other financial transactions. See our privacy policy for additional information.