Minority-owned businesses are positively impacting the community in many ways. They provide employment opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, create economic growth in underserved communities, and help to foster a sense of inclusion and acceptance. Additionally, they often provide goods and services that are tailored to the needs of their local communities.

A Few Shiny Apples

1. The Brown Bookshelf (New York, NY): This organization works to increase the visibility of Black and Brown authors and illustrators in the publishing industry.

2. The Empowerment Plan (Detroit, MI): This organization provides employment opportunities to homeless individuals by training them to manufacture coats that transform into sleeping bags.

3. The Dream Corps (Oakland, CA): This organization works to close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for all by providing education, job training, and mentorship programs for underserved communities.

4. The National Association of Minority Contractors (Washington, DC): This organization works to increase the number of minorityowned businesses in the construction industry by providing resources and support for minority contractors.

5. The National Black Chamber of Commerce (Washington, DC): This organization works to promote economic empowerment within African American communities through advocacy, research, and business development initiatives.

6. The Gathering Spot (Atlanta, GA): This private membership club and coworking space was founded by Ryan Wilson and TK Petersen in 2016. It provides a space for entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals to collaborate, network, and grow their businesses.

7. The Gathering Table (Atlanta, GA): Founded by Chef Todd Richards in 2017, this restaurant is dedicated to providing healthy meals to underserved communities in Atlanta. They also offer cooking classes and nutrition education programs to help people learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget. 

8. Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (Atlanta, GA): This organization was founded by Ryan Gravel in 2005 with the goal of transforming the city of Atlanta through the development of a 22mile loop of multiuse trails, parks, and transit along historic railroad corridors circling downtown Atlanta. The organization works with local businesses, community organizations, and government agencies to create equitable economic development opportunities for all Atlantans.

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