Let’s You See Your Current Status On 12 Critical Points That Are Key To Your Business Success

The focus is on 10 primary small business loan programs.

These products service about 90% of the business financing needs of small business owners nationwide and these programs have the highest percentage of closing.

Here are the top ten small business finance programs:

Finance Program # 1 – Unsecured Financing. These are a spectrum of corporate credit cards available from many providers. You could apply for some of these on your own, but you don’t know their underwriting and approval guidelines. Therefore, your potential for getting declined is very high. Once you are declined 3 times for any business lending product, then you will be declined for all business lending products for at least the next six months. That is because other lenders don’t know what happened on those applications and they will wait to watch your credit reports to find out. Typical approvals for business credit cards are $25,000 to $150,000.

Finance Program #2 – Revenue Based Loan. Your gross revenue is the primary concern. If your business has consistent gross monthly revenue, then this loan program may be for you. It is easier to get approved for than business credit cards. Repayment is done Monday through Friday via automated clearinghouse from your business checking account. Typical approvals for business revenue based loans are $10,000 to $250,000. This program normally funds 10% of your annual gross revenue.

Finance Program #3 – Business Term Loans. If your business has tax returns for the last two years showing at least $250,000 in gross annual revenue, then you maybe be a good candidate for this program. The program funds between $50,000 and $500,000 to existing business who plan to use the funds for growth.

Finance Program #4 – Equipment Financing. Many times we find that business owners are seeking financing to buy “things”. Some of these things may include computers, office furniture, software, vehicles, forklifts, machinery, or other hard goods; and most can be financed on their own without having to use valuable cash flow to do so. Equipment financing is available from $10,000 to $5,000,000 and can be bundled with other funding programs.

Finance Program #5 – Investment Rollover. Most small business owners don’t realize that there is a provision in the tax code that allows them to roll their retirement investment accounts into an investment in their own business and avoid the tax penalties for taking the money out. If you have at least $35,000 in retirement investment accounts, then this business financing product may be for you.

Finance Program #6 – Account Receivable Factoring. If your business has open invoices from other businesses that owe you money, those invoices can be turned into cash. This program has many benefits. First, it can give you access to fast cash. Next, you no longer have the burden of trying to get paid. Lastly, you can now offer Net 30 day credit payment terms to your business clients. Account Receivable Factoring is available from $10,000 to $30,000,000 and can be bundled with other funding programs.

Finance Program #7 – Purchase Order Financing. If you find that you have an open purchase order for finished goods that you have trouble filling, then Purchase Order Financing may be right for you. Purchase Order financing is available from $10,000 to $30,000,000 and can be bundled with other funding programs.

Finance Program #8 – Credit Union Loans. Credit Unions have started to come back into business lending in a big way. The rates are usually lower than other types of loans, terms may be better, and they tend to be easier to qualify for.

Finance Program #9 – SBA Express Loans. The SBA Express program provides for quick reviews and smaller loan amounts. The SBA responds within 36 hours and the loan range is $25k to $350k. Funds can be advanced in the form of working capital, a line of credit, or commercial real estate loan. The program can be very fast for $50,000 and less.

Finance Program #10 – Vendor Trade Financing. 95% of all business lending is done Business-to-Business and not lender to business. Once you complete the Business Success Assessment you gain access to a searchable database of over 3,000 vendors that offer Net 30, 60, 90 day payments terms.

Once you complete the Business Success Assessment you will know which of these funding programs your business pre-qualifies for now and exactly how to pre-qualify for them in the future.