The trucking industry in the United States is booming. The industry is experiencing record growth, with the American Trucking Associations reporting that trucking revenues have increased by more than $100 billion since 2009. The industry is also experiencing a driver shortage, with a need for an estimated 60,000 additional drivers to meet current demand. Technology advancements are also helping to drive efficiency and safety in the industry.


1. Progressive


3. Nationwide


5. The Hartford

6. Travelers

7. State Farm

8. Allstate

9. Farmers Insurance Group

10. Liberty Mutual


These 10 commercial truck insurance companies are the best in the US because they all have a long history of providing reliable coverage and excellent customer service. They also offer competitive rates, comprehensive coverage, and flexible payment options. Additionally, many of these companies have specialized programs designed specifically for commercial truckers and their unique needs. These programs can help to reduce costs and provide additional protection for drivers. Finally, these companies are all financially stable and have strong reputations in the industry.

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