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Backlink Authority Is Nothing More Than Someone Reputable Talking Well About You.

You are at a conference and someone is talking positively about your business. If the person doing the talking is reputable it reflects well on you and may most likely turn into more business for you. At the same time, if the person is viewed as questionable by others then you would rather not be associated with them. 

By connecting with as many reputable people as possible, your credibility begins to rise.

What are high authority backlinks? They are nothing more than recommendations from your business friends and network. They are the most valuable form of advertising because they not only send over customers but they also add credibility to the referrals.

Google considers a link from another website as a positive vote for site. Google will validate the authority, or power, of that vote in terms of the SEO placement and credibility of the voting site. The higher their rank, the better their vote does for you. In very simple terms, a link from another site to your site is a backlink.

When seeking backlinks to your site the critical thing to watch is their reputation.

What does your current backlinking authority and overall web traffic from it look like?

Our Business Success Assessment will show you exactly where you are currently for backlinking authority and provide you with the resources to optimize it for your business.